We are Openbase
A startup based in San Francisco, California.

Our Mission

We aim to build the ultimate appstore for open-source packages, helping developers choose and use millions of open-source packages. In a world with so many open-source packages, we ensure developers find the right package quickly, so they can focus on what they do best - build amazing software.

We Did The Research

(so you don't have to...)

We built a site that allows you to get unparalleled insights into over a million JavaScript packages, and learn about each package's popularity, maintenance, development velocity, and more. Armed with all those insights, we hope we can help you make more well-informed decisions and choose the right packages to tackle any task you may have.

Packages Monitored
Data Points Analyzed
Hours Saved

Careers at Openbase

We are currently recruiting our core team, join us as one of the first employees! We offer great startup culture and energy, a generous stock options grant, a lot of impact and autonomy, and super-interesting challenges. You’ll have significant influence over Openbase' product and the roadmap, and build something that would improve life for millions of developers.

Located in the heart of SOMA

The lively San Francisco neighborhood, right next to Mission, Market, BART, and Caltrain

Say hi at contact@openbase.io

Openbase helps developers choose among and use millions of open-source packages, so they can build amazing products faster.
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